- Integrated Campaign -

FreshKon, is the leading cosmetic contact lens brand in Malaysia. With the success of an integrated project with us, we were tasked to follow up with the coming year. Focused in delivering a refreshing approach that further strengthens brand loyalty and ultimately create a powerful brand influence, that bridged new possibilities of opportunities of potential users. With their primary audience that consists of female youths, the client and ourselves recreated a beauty search campaign that was indifferent.

Launched throughout various strategic mediums, several of it includes event activations, Commercials, CRM, radio, digitally & social media. However, our focus was on a custom built digital & multimedia platform with a strategy designed to be socially concentrated.

Little did they know, we created a campaign where the users were actually empowering and driving the entire campaign which grew in a tremendous hype.

It's digital platform served 2 phases in it's application. The first phase was during the recruitment & development of awareness stage. Having equipped promoters for recruitment, it was anytime anywhere a recruitment could be made. The next phase was where interaction began with functions that enabled users to share their comments, share socially across several social platforms, and vote or support for one another through 'likes'. They were also able to edit their profile which shared a summary of themselves in writing along with their best pictures or videos until the campaign's selection process ends.

The process of these functions were integrated to other social media platforms which provided an advantage towards a viral environment. With supportive campaign highlights in materials, the campaign was a tremendous success which grew in revenue and an influence not only among the youths but also to a vast network of all ages, both males and females.